November 17th, 2008


Marching and lameness

Just backed up my journal out of paranoia over the big data move tomorrow and realized that I've been on LJ for more than four years now. Wow!

Saturday Jerry & I went down to Denver for the No On 8 support protest march stuff thing. Woo! I liked making a contribution to visibility by being a part of the crowd, but I determined that I'm really not good at that kind of activism. I'm just temperamentally unsuited to it. I also determined that I am terminally unfashionable. I can recognize fashion, I just can't keep up with it. Anyway, it was a little outside my comfort zone, but I'm glad I went.

Today was pretty much a waste. I presented my poster at a colloquium thingy at CU. Had to get there at 8-ish to put it up, my poster session wasn't until 1:30, and basically nobody came and looked at it. I think that was partly due to bad placement (mixed in with unrelated posters, room layout had circulation problems) and partly because it wasn't really all that appropriate for the meeting but the organizer said "sure, come join us" when I asked whether the topic would be of interest to that crowd. Dude, that's why I asked. Most annoying was that the account on the guest wireless crapped out on me at lunch so I couldn't even work remotely, as I had planned. Feh.

Ah well. Tomorrow should be better.