November 23rd, 2008


Cheese and conversation

Drove up to Longmont to go to the cheese shop and hang out with Sarah this afternoon. I got some Cotswold (for Greg), some Fontina, and some goatsmilk Brie. I'm not usually big on goat cheeses, but I really like the Brie. I'm glad I decided to experiment a little. Lots of lovely conversation as well.

At D&D last night, we managed to level up, get some new equipment, and walk from one town almost to the next. Yeah, we weren't real focused. But it was entertaining! What do you think the odds are that "Little Black Sambo" would be independently mentioned in both conversations? Because it was.

I have discovered downloaded TV, so I'm watching Chuck and Life On Mars (UK), and season 2 of The Big Bang Theory. Woo!

Yup. It's about like that.