December 8th, 2008

ever so slightly mad

Snowed Under

Oh, hello December! I always manage to forget how hectic you are.

Saturday, Greg & I went over to the Nevilleseses' for a St. Nicholas' Day party. They requested people bring donations for a homeless families charity. We checked the request list for the items marked URGENT and bought some of the really unglamorous and embarrassing ones, on the grounds that clearly those are the ones that nobody ever donates.

Anyway, it was a wonderful party, by which I mean I can't tell you any interesting stories about it because it was just a bunch of grown-ups hanging out and talking. Though I suppose I could tell you that I ended up diagramming the three taxa of nonlinear fiction (rhizomic or webbed, labyrinthine or branching, and 'braided', which I made up) for Neal in order to explain a point about ways to instantiate them, because we are just that dorky.

(*I think my point that I agreed that in principle you could do a braided structure where the reader could choose which paths to follow based on the kind of literary experience they wanted to have (e.g., mystery vs suspense) rather than something more straightforward like following a particular character or plotline, but that it would be incredibly difficult to actually pull it off successfully.)

And then yesterday we drove up to Loveland for Chris & Todd's Christmas party, which was also quite nice. kung_fu_monkey's summary has pictures. (Good god my forehead is huge.)

Today was a big divisional meeting thing, and thankfully with my laptop I can get nearly as much done sitting in an auditorium as I can sitting in my office. Well, after I've eaten lunch because I forgot to eat breakfast and it made my brain all fuzzy. Dinner was reception food, but it was the good kind with smoked salmon and nibbly things, so that was nice.

Somehow in all this I have managed to get most of my Christmas shopping done already, which comes as a surprise because I wasn't planning on dealing with it at all until week after next. Bwuh? But I shan't complain.

And now it's snowing.