December 22nd, 2008



Hey, December, if you wanted to calm down a little, that would be... no? No, you're not going to, are you? Bastard.

Okay. Okay. I was feeling a bit wiped this morning, so I ended up going back to be for a little bit. Went in to work long enough to do important things like return the digital projector (which is bloody heavy) that I lugged to California & back and turn in receipts for my trip. Chatted with Main Coworker for a while and concluded that (1) neither of us expect to accomplish very much before, say, mid-January and (2) we both have the engineering mindset that we really don't care what resolution the current organizational kerfuffle comes to as long as it works and we can get back to doing things.

All the last-minute physical gift shopping is now done. (I, um, nearly forgot about a couple relatives...) I've got two more things to get for my Mom & Larry, but they can be done online. Oh, and I have to run by Wen to get chocolates for Jerry's parents, but that's happening tomorrow afternoon with Jess & Colin so they can get their wedding present finally. Went over to Dave's to drop off a gift for him & Leah. I also managed to find two more pairs of jeans in my size (which is annoyingly difficult), which is good because just recently a couple more pairs got holes that converted them to only-around-the-house-wear and I was down to one pair.

But in more entertaining news, Saturday was gaming fun at Chris's, made extra fun by bonus out-of-town guests Jason (and his girlfriend) and Kevin. I played Pandemic, which is a coop game Jason brought, and had fun despite losing badly. I think I actually spent more time chatting with people than I did playing games, which suited me just fine. Loaned Karen my Hot Fuzz box set and generated squee thereby, so victory points for me.

And then yesterday we watched The Dark Knight*, which Jerry's brother got us for Xmas, I dropped him off at home on my way to my brother Joel's place down in Parker, and I did my Christmas visiting with that side of the family. We mostly played games and ate nibbly things that made me wish I'd had more of a real meal for dinner. We played Fluxx, which they enjoyed much more with someone to explain how it works than when they tried to play it on their own. Incan Gold was a big hit, especially with one of my sisters-in-law. Kill Dr. Lucky not so much; we were playing with six people, which leads to lots of skipped turns.

*Microreview of TDK: I liked it. It lived up to more of its hype than I expected it to and pulled me right in with its pacing. My one complaint was that the Joker's machinations required enough accurate prediction of people's reactions to border on authorial cheating. Not Teh Best Movie Evar in my book, but still very good.

Things are busy. I'm pretty happy with everything, but am looking forward to more vacation. (Assuming we can fly in to PDX come Friday...)