March 18th, 2009



My todo list at work for the next week or two is very long, but today I organized it and figured out what had to happen first, and now things feel much less hectic and stressful.

I'm finally moving forward on getting a minion student assistant, the first step of which is to send the candidates email saying "so, are you still interested?" And also asking a couple of them for more information, because chronological resumes are pretty useless at this stage of the game. (I don't care whether you took the initiative as a stockboy, I just want to know whether you can code HTML...) I only have four candidates to pick from, which is disappointing. (Rantlet: I spent all day at the CU career fair a month or so ago, talked to literally a dozen people who were interested in the position and sounded like likely candidates, and not one of them actually submitted a resume. LAME.) I'm hoping we'll get someone good, but I dunno. I'm also a little bit annoyed at the whole process, and wondering if maybe it wouldn't be more effective to spend the funds on a casual employee who knows how to do web stuff. (Not that that's likely to be a real option.)

In good news that isn't mine, Jerry is going to be an exchange student in Japan next year and his little brother (who was recently laid off) got hired at a game company in Louisville last Friday. Woot!

Pop Will Eat Itself

My P.W.E.I CD (Box Frenzy) finally came! Only two months after the rest of my Amazon order...

I've had a bunch of the songs on this album on a mix tape I made my freshman year in college (at CU) from my roommate's collection of music I'd never heard of. But they're on a cassette tape, so I never get to listen to them anymore. I'd forgotten just how delightfully fun early P.W.E.I. is, when they were very poppy and tongue-in-cheek.