July 22nd, 2009


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Arkham Horror at Chris's tonight, with the Innsmouth expansion. Against Chaugnar Faugn, we drew, like, four separate Elder Signs in an environment where we couldn't use them and they gave us penalties. My first investigator got the Innsmouth Look and was devoured on about turn 3. Had fun, but it was so very doom.

Stoopid statistics package was giving me distributions that had values above the 100th percentile when I tried to sum them, so I had to abandon using it and do it by hand. Had a solution running last night, but because it won't all fit in memory, it had a 7-second disk hit per gridcell, which is slow, but would have taken about 36 hours total, which is acceptable... except that by this morning, it was down to about 63 seconds per gridcell and still slowing. So I disaggregated the data to get subsets that do fit in memory and will just have to do a lot of massaging when I rejoin them, and now it runs a lot faster. I hope. All of which is sort of annoying, but in an interesting-problem kind of way; the really ugly part is that the funding agency wants a robust estimate of when the resulting outputs will be all finished. Yuck-O.