August 18th, 2009


(no subject)

I have been working a LOT lately, which has left me feeling too worn-out to say anything well-considered and coherent, but since holding myself to a that standard ends up with me saying not much of anything, I'm just going to go for incoherent and random.

So apparently this cough? Is actually a flavor of asthma that manifests as a cough rather than as wheezing etc. So I have a purple discus to inhale powder from twice a day, to see if that interrupts the self-sustaining feedback cycle. I am not convinced it's working, but I'm down to only one or two episodes of attempting to hack up a lung per day now.

Monkey is off in Oregon today through Thursday. Already the house feels very quiet and a little bit empty. Oh Em Gee JAPAN!

I helped make an agenda today. Generally I think of myself as being an open-ended, tentative, wait-and-see kind of guy, but when it comes to stuff like deciding the agenda and figuring out t-shirts, I apparently just want things Settled. NOW. So we can MOVE ON and get to work on the rest of it.

Or maybe I'm just contrary, and reacting to my boss's open-endedness...