August 31st, 2009

Control Tower


So we put Monkey on the plane Thursday morning, and then Friday I stayed late at work banging my head against uncooperative data (which I think I bent to my will today; it's currently running in an SSH window, albeit slowly). And then it was Saturday morning and suddenly everything was just... open.

We've been busy preparing for Jerry to go to Japan for a long time, both logistically and emotionally, and now that it's actually happening, there's this sort of vacant feeling to my schedule. Now the only thing left to do is send email and read blog posts (which have been delightful) and anticipate the day when we can chat on Skype.

I miss having him physically here, of course, but we've been in pretty close contact given that he's 6000 miles away and 15 hours into the future. (It's Monday afternoon for him right now!) It's not like we're back in the Age of Sail, when it would be, "Okay, bye! See you in three to five years... If you don't die..."

(And honestly, it's clear he's having far too much wonderful adventure over there for me to be at all sad that he isn't here. It's just too awesome that he's finally there!)

Yesterday evening I went over to Tom O's to have dinner and play some board games. (Quick summary: Two rounds of Race For the Galaxy; won one and lost one. One game of Kingsburg, with expansions, which I won with a tightly-controlled military strategy that I really did not expect to work, but after a few rounds of terrible dice rolls, I switched colors and slowly pulled into the lead with much better luck. And a loss in Small World (third place, though by a fairly narrow margin) wherein we tested out a homebrew race & special power, both of which seemed to work pretty well. So that was fun.) And other than that, I have done very little this weekend, and quite enjoyed it.

This week is probably going to be mad, of course, what with new minion student assistant and prepping for workshop and end-of-month things I've been putting off (whoops! Time to pay bills!) but for right now, I'm feeling kinda zen and relaxed about it.

ominous rumble

Ah. Right.

That empty feeling this weekend was me completely ignoring all the things that are happening and need doing this week.

*is buried beneath an avalanche of workshop prep*