September 22nd, 2009


Bats in Colorado

Had bats22 stay with us this weekend, which was a nice excuse for several good meals. Showed him some import TV on Friday after I ditched work early (well, still with a full timecard) that afternoon.

We went for a hike with my mom on Saturday. Up the Boulder Creek Canyon path for a mile or two. My mom is a lot of fun to go hiking with because she can tell you all kinds of things about rocks and wildlife. It was very excellent. And then we drove up through Nederland and down Coal Creek Canyon and saw lots of scenery and some turning aspen.

Saturday night we saw 9 at the mondoplex. I'd say it was good-not-great. There were some things that I think could be taken as flaws that I felt were stylistic choices, and valid ones. But the story was a little thin for my liking. Very pretty though.

Sunday I dropped him off at the bus and came home and did boatloads of nothing all day long. 'Twas glorious.


So I netflixed Dodgeball for some reason. Probably because it had Alan Tudyk and Steven Root, and I think it got decent reviews. I honestly can't remember why I put it in the queue, nor why I let it drift to the top (that may well have been an accident).

It turns out, it's a pretty decent comedy. The thing I noticed being particularly good is the pacing and editing. I say this because I watched it in bits and pieces while doing other things, and I kept finding myself watching for longer than I intended, because there weren't any good stopping points.

Also, it's very aware that it's having fun with its trope without being overly wink-wink-nudge-nudge about it. Near the end, there's an object that's actually labeled "Deus Ex Machina", but it just quietly sits in the background, there for you to notice, or not.

Since I started listening to commentary tracks, I notice a lot more about the construction of film & television than I used to. It feels almost like learning to read a foreign language...