October 5th, 2009

Control Tower

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I have a lot to catch up on, but for now I just want to say that life is really quite good, and I'm grateful to be living in the future, in this corner of the universe, and amongst the people I count as friends. It's been a very satisfying weekend, all in all.
Mister Cranky-pants

Not what I meant to write about

The weather today was pretty dreadful, and I spent most of the day in a really pissy mood for no readily discernible reason. As in, I would read something, or get an email that I needed to respond to, and I would experience a flash of irritation that made me think Wow, I am in a pissy mood... And I considered venting about it somewhere, but then there was the bonus annoyance of knowing that any responses would have a good chance of just irritating me further.

But I got a new keyboard (Kinesis Contour freaky ergonomic keyboard, to replace the one that is dying because it's old and because I've rolled over the cord with my chair a few too many times), and after the internet came back on this evening I WoWed a bit, so the day was all right by the end.

Yesterday, by contrast, was really excellent.

...But it's late, so I think I'll save that for tomorrow.