October 7th, 2009


Not Enough Blather, Clearly

Wow, I have been busy, it would seem.

THURSDAY I went grocery shopping with my mom. You might not think this is exciting, but I they're in town and I haven't seen her much since they moved to Alaska, so it was really great just to get to hang out with her. And it was showing off POM (the gigantor asian market) and Sprouts (the place with nifty produce), so it was also sharing neat stuff, which is also fun.

FRIDAY I went to Van & Ron's for a movie night, which was excellent. We watched Wallace & Grommit flicks -- A Matter of Loaf & Death and Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The density of great physical humor in those movies is just stunning.

SATURDAY I don't think I really did much of anything worth mentioning. I think I bought a couple shirts at the thrift shop. Well, unless that was Sunday. Which it might have been. But I don't think it was. Anyway!

SUNDAY we went over to the Floyds' because Josh was in town and it was Karen's birthday and it was the day before Bryree & Marty were getting married. And thanks to the magic of TEH INTARWEBZ, kung_fu_monkey was able to join us virtually for a bit! He called in by skype and we put the laptop on the counter and people got to say hi. It was after his Monday morning classes, so he was calling from the future! (And Skype is free. We had a lot of "ZOMG we are living in the future!" sentiment floating about.) And we played Tales of the Arabian Nights and actually finished because somebody (Josh, I think?) won!

MONDAY I was cranky, and YESTERDAY was better but fairly unremarkable, and TODAY there was a wine & cheese do at work with good cheese and bubbly fruit juice, which is always a good thing.

Oh! And Greg & I are going to LA at the end of the month! Just a long weekend to have some vacation and visit people out that way.

Annnnnd... yeah. That's probably caught you up on your blather quotient. Life is being good.