November 25th, 2009

commanding the minions

Activate Plan Omega!

I am juggling tasks like mad at work, and still have a ways to go before I'll be able to deliver everything I need to by the end of the month (-ish), but today I made progress on a great many fronts and I'm feeling like the work (and other) stress has shifted from ominously looming doomtastical doomitude to mere gogogo mega-busyness. I'm still probably going to be working every day of the holiday weekend except Thursday, but that's okay. We may even be able to fill in the gap left by the one simulation that we found an error in so bad it has to be redone!

Picked up stuff for Thanksgiving. Picked up quarters for laundry. Dropped off DVDs. Figured out budget stuff. Exchanged Thanksgiving stuff for correct Thanksgiving stuff. Commanded minions. Went to gym. Set things in motion to be dealt with tomorrow. And even posted to LJ!

Kay that's enough. G'night!