December 8th, 2009


Adventures in La-La-Land, part II

So, Los Angeles! I finally got around to taking my pictures off the camera, except that it turns out I was totally lame and forgot to really take any. So I have a whopping 4 pics Collapse )

It was pretty much exactly the kind of trip I wanted. Just hanging out with awesome people. (Though there are still a bunch of folks I need to see more of next time.) Of course, two days later Robb packed up all his stuff and hopped on a bus. And that's been pretty nice, too. :)
ever so slightly mad

why no posty

Last week I worked something like 57 hours once all was said and done, and then there was the house-hunting Sunday and a couple social things Friday and Saturday, and the whole time I was half-finished with the rest of the tale of the trip to LA. (Which I have finally all-the-way-finished.)

Things are looking much somewhat less hectic this week.

But yeah. It's been busy around here.

If the sun came out and it was sunny and warm(er), I wouldn't mind at all.
Doc Tectonic (sepia)

Also, I'm sending a Terminator back to take out Pope Gregory

So if anyone has ever wondered what, as a mad scientist, my fiendish and dastardly plan to meddle in Things what man was Man was Not Meant To Meddle In is, it's this:

I'm going to embed gigantic freaking rockets in the ground and fire them so as to speed up the orbit of the Earth and make the year 365 days long EXACTLY, thus eliminating the need for freaking leap years and for me to ever have to deal with people screwing up their freaking time coordinates because they FORGOT TO ACCOUNT FOR THEM! *eye-twitch*

I'm considering going all the way to a 360-day year, which would let us regularlize the calendar to 12 30-day months, but then I'd also have to adjust the moon's orbit or I know it would just bug me that they didn't line up. Feel free to chime in if you feel strongly about this issue.