January 8th, 2010

Control Tower


Oi, winter! What's up with this? Where's my days where it hits 70, eh?

My mopey emo poem of the previous post came, not surprisingly, on a day when there was very little sunshine. Yesterday & today have been much better.

Had a bit of a reading binge over the last few weeks.

I re-read Tepper's True Game trilogy. I love the setting, but I noticed this time through that there are a number of occasions where she takes advantage of the fact that the narrator is 15 to have him avoid doing things that would mess up the plot for no particular reason other than that he's moody and irrational and, well, 15. Clever author.

I read Bujold's Sharing Knife series. (Thanks to S. for the last book!) I enjoyed it, but it's quite a bit different from the Vorkosigan and Chalion books. The setting is fantasy frontier America (with hints of post-apocalyptic), and it's all about exploration -- mostly scientific exploration of the fantasy element, though it's also picaresque. I get the feeling she wanted to take a break and write something easy, because the characters are less layered and convoluted than those in her other series, and all the heavy-duty bad stuff happens up front or in the backstory. Enjoyable, though, and the setting is pleasantly novel.

Right now I'm halfway through Neal Stephenson's Anathem, and I'm impressed that he's managed to work a whole bunch of heavy-duty philosophy into it without it being boring. I'm even having thinky philosophical thoughts because of it. Quite enjoyable so far.