January 30th, 2010

Control Tower


I got up early(!) this morning and mailed packages to Jerry & my mom (which required first running to the post office to get boxes and to Staples to pick up blue ink for the printer, which was out, and then coming back home and weighing things and filling out the stupid little customs form and putting everything in the box and sealing it and then going back to the post office) and then picked up stuff at POM and then I met the realtor and looked at a house.

She thinks it's a good property, and I think she is not wrong. Have to show pictures to the guys & think about it, but we might go for it.

I have D&D this evening and right now I'm fiddling with a parser to autogenerate character sheets from the files, but it's only late afternoon and I feel like I already got a jillion things done today, hooray!

It probably doesn't hurt that I got outside and got some sunlight.