February 2nd, 2010



I am having cravings for Japanese food, but that's a subject for a longer post, so instead I'll tell you about our last day in Japan before we left.

Saturday ended up being Downtime Day, both because we had been going pretty heavy the whole week and because we figured it would be smart to rest up for a day before heading back (especially since plane travel is extra-rough on Greg & Robb).

So we slept in really late and did a whole lot of not very much. Jerry showed me the Kansai Gaidai campus for a little bit. It's, y'know. A small college campus.

And then in the evening we packed up some gifts and went off to meet Hiroshi for dinner. Collapse )

It was a really amazing cap to the trip, and it made me happy to know that Jerry has met some people who are that awesome out there.
ever so slightly mad


We are watching Fringe. (Just finished Season 1, Disc 5.)

Tonight I successfully predicted an arc-plot point just before it was revealed!
Today I also failed to remember what year Robb was born.

The boys say that I am Walter.

I... have no rebuttal to this other than to shush them.