February 17th, 2010

Grr! Sunglasses!

Buying A House Is Stressful

I checked the pilot light on the water heater on Monday, and it stayed lit, so that was the last thing that might be Seriously Wrong with the house, and we're moving forward. HOA docs are not insane, given that it's a townhome and we have no interest in personalizing the exterior.

There's been a lot of Following Up for the loans (both the mortgage itself and a loan against my retirement account to help cover closing costs), including quite a bit of faxing with varying degrees of success. Today I sent Yet Another copy of the contract (well, the addendum) because they still didn't have the right signature page, and then I found out we have to get walls-in/HO-6 insurance, and all the stress and uncertainty kind of hit me all at once and felt like I wanted to cry, or maybe throw up.

So when I got home, I did. (Cry, that is -- there was no hurling.) It helped. As did lots of big supportive hugs from boyfriends, and now I'm feeling much better.

(Mostly it's all about the money, which is being a gigantic ball of suck, and though it will all work out in the long run, in the short run we're running out of buffer at the same time I have this huge pile of money I can't do anything with. Bah.)

I still didn't get anything done at work today, but in retrospect, my lack of focus is probably because, gee, I'm over-stressed in about five different directions at once, which is also probably why I caught a cold.*

So instead of trying to actually accomplish anything this evening, on the advice of my hubbies I am going to run around killing imaginary monsters. And hopefully tomorrow I'll have a fresh supply of cope.

Zinc lozenges are disgusting. The problem is, they're also effective. Strawberry-and-cream flavor seems to be the least disgusting option.