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February 24th, 2010

Moving Karma Cash-In, Or Behold My Cunning Plan [Feb. 24th, 2010|10:59 pm]
So we're moving!

...Next weekend!

(Not this coming weekend -- in about, um. 10 days. Organized? Us? Ahahahahahaha.)

I'm closing on the house the afternoon of Friday, the 5th. The 6th will be Finish Packing Things day, and on the 7th we'll translate everything six miles east and south to our new place. Easy-peasey!

Well, that's the plan, at any rate. Because of course there are complications.

Robb's mother's apartment building has just been foreclosed out from under her. Which means that she needs help moving, too, and Robb needs to get all his stuff from her place. Like now.

So next Wednesday morning, he and Greg are hopping on a plane to Boise. From there, they will rent a car one-way to Idaho Falls, spend a couple days visiting his mom & helping her move, then put all his stuff and two cats into a one-way rental truck and drive to Denver, arriving (we hope) just in time for us to have use of the truck for the move from apartment to house.

Oh, and somewhere in there we need to empty out the storage unit. (ohmygodwehavesomuchstuff)

So any locals with whom I have moving karma built-up, if you're available that weekend to help out with any of this, that would be awesome. SUPER-awesome.

There will, of course, be pizza and whatnot. And you'll get to see our house! I bribe you with food, come lug my furniture up stairs!

I'm sure it'll all go smooth as butter. Really it will.

ETA: Help would be appreciated both for packing on Saturday and moving on Sunday. (Note that the plan is still somewhat uncertain; if everything's packed early, I'll probably start moving boxes on Saturday. I will keep everyone posted!)
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