March 15th, 2010

Grr! Sunglasses!


Blah. I have been meaning to post the story of why our closing is delayed, but it's impossible to work up any kind of motivation when trapped in tiny-apartment-filled-with-boxes.

Suffice it to say, it's just entropy. There are a lot of Things that need to happen, and if any one of them is delayed, the bureaucratic structure magnifies it and delays the entire process.

It would be really satisfying to believe that there's someone who is the villain, that all the problems are due to some individual who's not doing their duty, and that if you could just find that person and yell at them, that everything would be fixed. But there isn't. It's just friction in the system. This person doesn't generate this piece of paper instantaneously, and the whole thing is delayed. That person doesn't communicate this piece of information with perfect clarity, and the whole thing is delayed. Et cetera.

We *should* be closing Wednesday. Until then, I shall have OK Go's new song on indefinite repeat...