August 5th, 2010

Grr! Sunglasses!

Vaughn Walker -- he's so dreamy

So I read the Perry v. Schwarzenegger decision today. (I also sorted through piles of notes and hung demotivator posters on the wall behind my door.)

Having also read Kitzmiller v. Dover, the conclusion I come to is that if you really want to annoy a judge, bring a high-profile case into his courtroom and then make an argument that is so weak-ass it implies you don't think he's very smart.

To paraphrase some friends, the Prop 8 decision is not just a ruling, it is a beatdown. The yawning chasm of competence between the two sides is just staggering. There are a whole bunch of places in the decision where Judge Walker quotes defendants' testimony in support of the plaintiffs. And I was almost getting third-party embarrassment cringe over his assessment of Blankenhorn's qualifications as an expert witness. Between every line, you can practically hear him saying, "Seriously, defense team? This was the best you could do? Seriously?"

Luckily, I had buckets of tasty, tasty schadenfreude to counter any discomfort.

Here is one of my favorite bits: Collapse )

And I gather that you don't get to introduce new evidence in an appeal, you have to stick to the findings of fact from the lower court? It's gonna be very rough for the NOM crowd, I tell ya...