November 1st, 2010

Voytek the soldier bear

Two Weekends: Painting and Food

So last weekend -- not just a day ago, but a week before that -- was all about painting.

On Saturday, Van & Ron had a party to celebrate Ron's 50th birthday. A costume party, presumably given the proximity to Halloween, with a theme of "things from the last 50 years". Van wore hippie drag, and the birthday boy himself was dressed as the moon landing. 'Twas quite clever.

Jerry wore his yukata, and went as The Rise of Ethnic Studies due to Asian Radicalism in the late '60s. You can see an excellent photo of him Collapse )

Me? I went as "the rise of personal computing", in the form of a DOS prompt. Collapse )

And then on Sunday, I went down to Aurora and helped Karen & Thomas paint their old place. I did lots of rollering, because it's very satisfying to be able to cover large swathes of wall quickly. I helped paint it the first time, almost a decade ago, and we all agreed that it was much easier that time, probably in part because we were all then years younger.

They fed me Smashburger, which made me happy and will serve as a nice segue to this weekend, which was all about food.

Harvest party was Saturday at the Floyds'. I made vietnamese pumpkin (well, butternut squash) and the cauliflower with cocoa, which were both eaten entirely, and since Thomas has been pestering me for them, I'll post the recipes here shortly. Much socializing, yay! Hung out until things quieted down and then played the new Dominion expansion with Chris & Joe & Nick & Thomas. Still fun!

There are now more than 80 trillion configurations of Dominion to play (116 choose 10), so if you haven't encountered it yet... yeah. There's a lot of replay value.

Yesterday was Halloween proper, and we now know that indeed we do get trick-or-treaters. 3 bags' worth of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups of them. (And a handful more, but we ran out.) I netflixed Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and the guys watched it with me. This is noteworthy, because I do not DO horror movies, but Robert & Reid & Richard & Tim got me to watch it a year ago, and I enjoyed it because it's both a mockumentary about horror movies and an actual horror movies, which is pretty clever. There's a lot of neat stuff to notice on the second viewing.

A good two weekends. Whichever of these things you can replicate in your own life, I recommend them to you.