January 12th, 2011

Doc Tectonic (sepia)

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I can't really say that today was significantly different than yesterday -- it was maybe 10 degrees warmer, still sunny, commensurate progress on Project: Minion Acquisition Quest: Get, still got up too early, etc. -- but I felt about a million times better. Embodiedness, hooray, I suppose.

Things are looking very positive on the P:MAQ:G front.

I had to write up a quick summary of what I did this last year for my boss, so among other things I searched my email for everything with the name of our project in it, and started scrolling the window a page at a time. There are about 42 messages per page, and at after 26 pages I stopped counting, having just hit mid-June. There were probably 3 to 5 threads per page that were user questions, which have to be responded to diplomatically and which sometimes require thought and/or research to provide an answer for. And I'm the kind of guy who does at least two edit passes on just about every email I write. Well then. No wonder the rate of productive fiddling with actual data has slowed down of late!