February 6th, 2011


Close Encounters of the Pestilent Kind

Had a horrendous pestilence this weekend. Jerry's been fighting it all week, my instance started Thursday night with a sore throat, and Greg & Robb both had it today. Boo.

Main symptoms are a full-body ache and incredible fatigue. I think it's waning now, and I'm just trying to keep it from settling into a cough. I'll probably work from home tomorrow, especially since Jerry has jury duty and will be taking the car. I could take the bus all the way in -- it's a few blocks to walk and an extra 30-45 minutes of bus ride -- but why? It seems a bad idea unless I'm feeling completely better by the time I get up tomorrow morning, and that outcome would surprise me. I am grateful for the existence of ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

Yesterday (or maybe Friday? I have no idea anymore) I watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time. I'd seen bits of it before, but I hadn't ever seen the whole thing. It's an interesting movie, in that it doesn't really have a lot of plot to it. I mean, yeah, plenty of stuff happens, but there isn't a lot of dramatic build-up and resolution where you can sense the arc of the story. It's more like you spend most of the movie wondering what the hell is going on and having no idea what's going to happen next. Which is entirely appropriate for the subject matter, so that's probably why it works. But it's an interestingly different feel for a movie.