March 7th, 2011

peculiar wedding moustache

N'awlins in February

So I went to New Orleans! For a wedding. It was a lovely trip.

It was crazy warm and humid there. I wore shorts, and wished that I had packed more than one pair.

The wedding itself was short and sweet. The reception was replete with much tasty nibbly food and a live band. The bride got up and sang a song, and sang it really, really well. Hava nagila was sung and newlyweds were hoisted into the air in chairs and bounced up and down and we completely failed to drop them, huzzah!

And otherwise it was mostly just hanging out and talking with friends, which was awesome, but I am really terrible at being able to recount interesting anecdotes resulting from that.

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Sunday I spent hanging out with goddessdster, who is way way awesome. She fed me pizza and we drove around and poked about in bookstores and talked and talked and talked. And it was good.
Voytek the soldier bear



Thursday I got to help pick hat colors for work.

Friday I went to a gay bar with one of my boyfriends and wrote down the names of music videos on my phone.

Saturday I played DnD, and we fought a swarm of zombie squirrels, with super kung-fu action cinematography.

Yesterday I made a vector graphic version of the Hanshin Tigers logo from a bitmap.

This is my life.