March 28th, 2011

Beem-Ur the Destructor


With regard to the whole Dragon Age II thing where some gamer was complaining about being hit on by a male NPC, and a developer said (awesomely), "get over it", I thought this was a very interesting analysis as to why Joe Random Hetero Gamer might find that uncomfortable enough to complain about:

Boys don't know how to say no (to sex)

Chicken Saltimbocca

I made chicken saltimbocca for dinner. I fried up sage leaves and everything!

The Cook's Illustrated recipe works well. The pan sauce (mostly reduced marsala wine) was a bit weird on its own, but it worked on the chicken. Probably only needed half of what I made, though.

Also, roasted broccoli with shallots, fennel, and parmesan cheese.

And despite having an oven at 500 and two different things cooking in hot oil, I managed not to burn myself, so I call that culinary victory.