April 12th, 2011

thumbs up

Small happinesses

Things that made me happy today:

* I was able to cross off several items on my fills-up-the-entire-page-in-two-columns to-do list.

* A girl in the parking lot of the grocery store asked if I could give her a dollar to help with groceries, and I did without dithering over it, and I felt good about it.

* Somebody on a mailing list I'm on made a chauvinist comment in passing that conflated feminism with misandry, and I made a kind of snarky comment in reply calling him out on it, and after a parry-riposte lightbulb joke exchange, it didn't turn into a pissing match, he just obliquely accepted the rebuke and moved on! Yay it worked!

* Spent some time blowing up giant virtual bugs with my monkey.

* Nibbling on brie.