April 25th, 2011

Grr! Sunglasses!


Dear Firefox 4:

This was an involuntary upgrade, so we're going to have to learn to work together, but I swear by all that is holy that if you continue to be this bloody sluggish and keep beachballing every. freaking. window. when I hit the 'reload' button on a single tab, I am going to punch you in the taint with a garden weasel.


ETA: Okay. The UI changes I loathe and despise but can mostly fix. The 20-minute load time on restart is quite annoying, but could be borne. But mutilating the URLs of our data portal?! Seriously, WTF?



I realized that we didn't have any birthday cake on Saturday, so I decided to make bacon-chocolate-chip cookies.

I used a Cook's Illustrated recipe, which is somewhat involved, but worth it overall I think. I would make two changes: The cookies were great last night, but more crunchy than chewy today. I think this is because I made small cookies instead of big ones, so next time I'll bake them a minute or so less. Also, the bacon wasn't as prominent as I'd like; I think it works better on the outside, so next time I'll roll the dough balls in bacon crumbles rather than mixing them into the dough.

You can make good crispy bacon in the microwave (and it stays nice and flat), but it takes a long time (especially with a wimpy microwave like ours), and it uses up about a half a roll of paper towels...