July 26th, 2011

Control Tower


I am erasing a post I started to write about politics, because thinking about it just makes me crazy, and talking about it will do no good.

So instead I will just mention that Sunday I went over to my grandmother's and visted with her and my sister and my uncle, and I learned that she was the one who suggested my name when I was a baby.

I also learned that the reason she goes by her middle name (Jewell) instead of her first name (Vella), is that she and all her siblings were named by their father after people he knew. And one time when she was a little girl, she was going through a box of photos with her mother (one of the only things to survive when their house burned down, a story that just kills me when she talks about it so matter-of-factly) and her mom showed her a picture of some young ladies and pointed out the one she was named after. And then mentioned "she was a bit sweet on your dad", which did NOT meet with my grandmother's approval, and she decided that she didn't want to be named after Vella and would go by Jewell instead. And that was that.

(Also, there are two Ls in Jewell because it was originally a family name.)