August 13th, 2011


Music Box Dancer

I take the bus to work most days, which means I drive a few minutes to the park-n-ride in Westminster, park, then ride, taking the bus up to the park-n-ride in Boulder, and then take a company shuttle van the last couple miles to the building I actually work in, because it's way up on the side of the hill.

The different shuttle drivers all have their own choices of what to play on the radio. One of the afternoon shuttle drivers like classical, and the other one like jazz. In the morning, I usually get KBCO, though there's a younger guy (substitute driver) who plugs his ipod in and plays awesome glitchy warbly techno. (I have discovered some new bands via his playlist.)

There's also a lady who listens to the super-easy-listening station. Not the regular easy-listening station, the one that is even more mellow than that.

Anyway, she was driving this morning, and just before we got to the lab, on comes a song that I recognize.

Music Box Dancer.

I have a great fondness for this song because back when I was a kid, every now and then I would go to church with my grandparents and afterwards we would go out to lunch, generally at a cafeteria-style restaurant like Bonanza or Furr's. At Bonanza I would always get the chopped steak, but I always liked Furr's better. Furr's had a much better dessert selection, though it took me a while to learn to distinguish meringue from whipped cream, and to realize that I was always going to be disappointed if I got the lemon meringue pie, and that I should go for the chocolate cream pie instead.

Also, Furr's has fried okra, which I still enjoy as an adult, but which is even better as a child because fried okra is a vegetable that consists mostly of breading. But I digress.

Anyway, Furr's had a grand piano in one of the back rooms, and there was an older lady, with swept silver hair and old-lady dresses from the sixties who would play light background music while you ate. And sometimes, not every time we went there, but sometimes, she would play this song. And it's a lovely song, which I love.

So hearing it on the radio, I was reminded, and when I got home this evening I looked it up on YouTube.

I always figured this song was some kind of pre-war Golden Oldie, like all the other songs that the Piano Lady played. No. It's from 1978. This song was a recent pop hit when I was hearing it on the piano in Furr's! Which is mildly boggling.

The other thing I discovered whilst on YouTube is that there are dozens and dozens of techno remixes of this song out there.

Which is not really surprising, I suppose; there are probably a couple dozen techno remixes of any given instrumental tune you can think of. And I like techno, so I'm certainly not going to complain.

Anyway, if you don't know the song by name, please to be (re)-discovering it: Music Box Dancer, by Frank Mills

I think my favorite of the remixes is DJ Schwede's cover.

Tinkly piano yay!