September 22nd, 2011

Mag Tower


So the minivan is fixed, hurrah! Collapse )

And I've gotten my laptop back to about 99% of where it was before its disk started freaking out. Collapse )

Also noteworthy of late is that Netflix is splitting into two pieces, and the Facebook UI got a dramatic makeover. Collapse )

The thread that ties all these things together is the fact that we build our daily routine -- our lives, really -- atop this complicated pyramid of systems, and whenever some piece of that infrastructure stops working, or even just changes how it works, it feels massively, massively disruptive. Sure, we can usually adapt pretty quickly (although not knowing whether you need to start changing or can maybe put it back is its own flavor of cranky-making, as I noted last week), but when it happens, when you're still figuring out that everything suddenly stopped because the power went out, it's tremendously disorienting. Your mind is still trying to hang onto whatever high-level activity you were focusing on when suddenly you get dropped into some lower level of reality where some thing that should just work is demanding attention. Man, LJ is still down? How annoying. I should blog about how annoying-- oh. Right. It throws off your groove.

I don't really have anything to say about what to DO about it, I just thought it was something worth nothing. Change isn't bad, but change that disrupts the quotidian infrastructure makes people crabby all out of proportion to the change itself.

I guess "beware the groove" is what I'm sayin'.