October 27th, 2011

Mag Tower

My Unexpected Trip to DC

I spent yesterday miserably sick. Deep muscle ache all over, plus finicky tummy. I had planned to work from home, what with the snow, and it turned into a full-on sick day.

Today was much better, mostly because I don't Hurt Everywhere. Stomach's still a bit iffy, but I managed a half-day at work.

Tomorrow I'm going to go in and try to finish a whole pile of Things, because, rather unexpectedly, on Monday I'm off to Washington D.C. for the week!

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So then it was all a bit frantic trying to find my boss to okay it with her and make travel arrangements and reply to email from our admin people and all this other stuff while at the same time being in a hotel on 16th Street listening to talks and manning a poster and meeting up with colleagues to hand off hard drives (long story), but yeah. I'm going to DC on next week, where apparently I will have opinions and expertise of relevance to people of importance.

Which is pretty satisfying, I must admit.