November 23rd, 2011

Mister Cranky-pants

"Operating System Not Found"

On the bus ride home on Monday night, my laptop took a tumble, and then became Sad. As best I can tell, the hard drive is completely dead.

I am saved from utter despair by two things: first, Jerry has a full install of Office 2007 on his laptop, which I can steal borrow until I figure out what to do for a replacement, which means that I can still use Publisher to create a poster sometime before I head off to AGU in a week and a half. And second, I have a full backup on an external HD. It's from August, so I still lost some files, but not many, and most of them can be either re-downloaded or are still in my brain. (There will be a lot of rewriting of Star Wars RPG stuff, *sigh*. And I lost a handful of photos.)

The really big thing of the moment is that I just got my Firefox profile restored from the backup. Because OMG there are so many things it remembers for me. Not just bookmarks, but logins. Sweet baby Moses, so many logins. And I generally have no idea which email and password I used for which online service. So having that back (plus bookmarklets and addons and UI tweaks and and and) is making me feel a lot more able to cope.

Not enough to cope with going to work today, though. I'm staying home and maybe, maybe keeping tabs on email. But mostly I'm declaring today to be a recovery day. Because BOO!