February 5th, 2012

o so ma cho


Jerry and I braved the elements and went to the Wrangler tonight for Bob Mould* & Rich Morel's Blowoff.

*I actually got introduced to Bob Mould, but since somebody introduced him as just "Bob", I didn't realize it until after we were leaving...

I danced my butt off for two hours, and it was AWESOME.

I actually got complimented on my dancing. By strangers. Several times. Which surprises me because I don't really think of myself as particularly, y'know... coordinated. But apparently that doesn't figure, so herewith, in case anybody might want to know:

Advice For Dancing

1) Pick an interesting motion and do it in time to the music. Now pick a couple more. Alternate them. Pick new ones when you get bored. Yay! You're dancing! Bastardized martial arts moves work quite well.

2) Don't just stand there, move your center of mass around. Like, your pelvis? Change its position and/or orientation sometimes. You don't even have to move your feet around to do this (handy if the dance floor is crowded).

And most importantly:

3) Ignore the fact that other people may think you look ridiculous. So what? Everyone out there looks ridiculous. Ignore it, have fun, and paradoxically, you will now look awesome. Apparently.