February 15th, 2012


Eula Mae

Today I stayed home from work to go to the funeral for my great-aunt, Eula Mae, who died a bit over a week ago at age 88.

I didn't actually know Aunt Eula all that well. I learned things about her at the service, like where she used to work. Sometimes you never think of elderly relatives as having had careers, especially when they were finished before you came on the scene. (I also learned that her pastor may have known her pretty well in some ways, but he definitely didn't see all sides of her. "A spirit of meekness"? Um... no. She was what you would call "a pistol".)

My best memory of her was once, at a family reunion, when I was probably, oh, 7 or 8? She pantsed me. Pants completely down, in front of everyone. And of course I was just absolutely traumatized, and all the grown-ups laughed, and then some other adult suggested that I parlay my upset into personal gain and I was coached into extorting $5 out of her for emotional damages. At the time, it was The Worst Thing Ever, but in retrospect, as an adult? It was hilarious. And the last couple times I saw her at a family reunion we had some good laughs about it.