March 17th, 2012

chibi dr t

GL minus SS

We went over to musikub's this evening and watched Justice League: DOOM, which was by and large entertaining. (My one complaint is that when your superhero team is matched up against a team composed of all your individual nemeses? For gods' sake change it up, because if you swap partners, you will be able to finish them off in no time.)

But we decided that what Green Lantern really needs to do is to make a mix tape and give it to Star Sapphire to explain that this is not a healthy way of coping with a break-up and she really needs to get OVER him already and that all those ~feeeeeeeeeelings~ she still has for him? That's not love, honey.

Hal's Mix Tape For Carol

That Ain't Love - REO Speedwagon
You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi
What Is This Feeling - Wicked Soundtrack
She Hates Me - Puddle of Mudd
Everything About You - Ugly Kid Joe
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - Motley Crue
Fuck You (Very Much) - Lily Allen

And then the entire other side of the tape is just like 30 minutes of nothing but vuvuzela, car alarms, and whining baby noises.