July 8th, 2012

Control Tower

So Much Stuff

So it's just me and Jerry in the house now.

Bob and his partner Jeff are moving from Austin back to Denver. In preparation for which, Bob's been staying in our guest room off and on since, gosh, mid-April? (Mostly off, since he spends a lot of time out in the field.) We also had Douglas, their boyfriend, for a bit these last two weeks. But now they've got a place rented nearby (yay!) and are moving their stuff in.

And we don't have a cat, after all. The plan was that my parents were going to drop Blue off on their way through town last week, but my mom got all his stuff put in the car and when it came time to get the cat, she just couldn't do it. So he gets to continue being Traveling Kitty, which suits him fine.

So it's back to just the two of us, and we're thinking we're gonna have to get some new cats.

Jerry's job at the FRCC library started up, hooray!

And the heat has broken. We got some SERIOUS precip yesterday.

And work is going to be really busy for the next three weeks; my boss really really wants to get an overview paper on our project submitted by the end of the month so that it can be included in the next round of the IPCC, so I'm gonna be pushing through a bunch of data as fast as I can for that. And I'm giving a keynote speech at a workshop Wednesday morning, which I really ought to finish prepping.

And I got a terrible haircut today, which grumped me out, but it'll grow, I suppose. My normal barber shop is closed for three weeks because they're all on vacation, so I tried a new place and not only was the haircut bad, it was way overpriced. Bah!

And I saw Prometheus, and was entertained, because I went into it expecting all the characters to be Too Stupid To Live, which they were.

And fifth session of my Star Wars campaign was last night, and things are going swimmingly. There was a cantina fight! And I'm starting to have lots of material at the ready, which makes it less stressful to prep each time.

And there was an afternoon barbecue on the 4th and fireworks in the evening, and it was kind of pedestrian and also really nice.

And... oh probably there's more stuff, but I should go to bed because there is So Much To Do.