July 22nd, 2012


Foreshadowing Is Fun

We had the sixth session of my Star wars game last night, and I finally got a good reveal.

In the first, "prologue" session, Jerry's smuggler character picked up an illicit cargo to deliver, which was subsequently seized by Imperial Customs (along with his ship), to be sold at auction. It was a big mysterious box, about the size of a sofa, and the code phrase to make contact for the pickup involved some random model number for a comm system.

Last night's session, three or four realtime months later:

Important Allied NPC: So yeah, pirates stole this really important piece of equipment we need. If you've got any contacts who might know about fenced goods, keep an eye out for it, would you?

Jeff's PC: Sure. What are we looking for?

Me: He gives you an electronic brochure for some kind of hyperwave relay. It's a [model number].

Jerry: You didn't.

Me: *tries to keep a straight face*

Jeff: So what kind of thing is this? Is it big or small or what?

Me: It's big and expensive. Big fancy heavy-duty hardware. About the size of a sofa.

Jerry: Well, fuckles.

The interesting thing about running the game the way I am (trying to build up to a sort of investigatory sandbox, with overarching plot arc), is that I'm starting to feel like all I need to do is just work on stacking guns on the mantel, and by the time I've got the whole armory up there, it'll all be moving on its own...