March 18th, 2013

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Open Spaces

So I lost Saturday due to the cold/virus/whatever that Jerry had on Friday, the primary symptom of which was exhaustion. Quote of relevance: "Okay, if walking up the stairs seems like a huge ordeal, I guess I'm still sick."

But then on Sunday we got together with Channan and Adam to take their dogs for a walk in the huge open space dog park over at 106th & Simms (which I never knew about, despite driving past it a million times on the way to Jeff & Alice's back when they lived over there). And that was very nice. The air was cold and breezy but it was balanced by bright sun (I actually got a little bit pink from sunburn), and the views of the front range were quite impressive. They have two dogs, one younger (Bear) who chases after thrown rocks, and on older (Angela), who strolls along at her own pace. We walked a couple miles and then got lunch at Qdoba.

I spent the evening doing taxes. Not actually filling them out, mind you, just itemizing all my deductions and figuring out the most advantageous options for filing. But that's the hard part.

Today and tomorrow our data cloud is down, so I've been trying out whether I can get a mac on Mountain Lion to behave acceptably using TotalSpaces to replace the idiocy of Mission Control. Happily, the answer appears to be yes, though I still need to test some X stuff out. It's amazing how quickly the computer not behaving in the way I want it to can instill in me a murderous rage. (We're talking literal snarling noises.) But it's looking like I can finally acquiesce to the upgrade my IT department wants without taking a permanent productivity hit.