December 4th, 2013

Control Tower

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Man, the snow is really coming down. I'm very glad I have the option to work from home today. Gonna finish up my poster for AGU next week, but before I jump into that, a quick long holiday weekend catch-up post.

Friday was mostly recovery from Thursday (doing that much cooking wore me out -- I think I wasn't quite over that cold yet). In the evening Gene came over to play board games with us, because his interest is renewed now that he's newly single. We got Ho-Ho for dinner and played a round of Carcassonne and two of Dominion, and had an excellent time.

On Saturday we met up with Channan and had sushi for lunch at Mt. Fuji while his hubby Adam, who doesn't do sushi, was out of town. (Well, he and Jerry had sushi; I had an excellent hibachi platter.) That evening was supposed to be Star Wars, but illness and travel intervened, so we canceled and will be hopefully playing this Friday, right before I head off to San Francisco. So we hung out all afternoon instead. Played Carcassonne again and a bunch of We Didn't Playtest This At All.

Sunday morning we met up with Bats & Sarah for dim sum at Empress, which is rapidly becoming a Thanksgiving tradition (well, as rapidly as anything that happens once a year can). I can now say that I have tried chicken feet! They taste mostly like soggy fried chicken with lots of little bones.

All in all, an excellent long holiday weekend. Hope yours was good, too!