December 16th, 2013

Dr. Tectonic

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I had a great trip to San Francisco for AGU this year. I have a big summary post drafted, but on Monday of the conference I had this really great idea, and since then my brain's been too occupied with kernel density bandwidth and error metrics and so on to be able to edit and post it.

Saturday we went up to Loveland for Chris & Todd's holiday party, which was delightful as always,and then Sunday while Jerry was at the studio I went up and helped them pack their stuff into a moving van because they are moving away to New York. I'm excited for them for the new opportunities, but sad that I won't get to see them (and the adorable Missy Claws) nearly as much.

Work today consisted mostly of catching up on email and turning in travel receipts. For dinner, we went off to Cinzetti's to celebrate Douglas's birthday with him & Bob & Jeff and Pyro and BJ and a couple other guys. Good times, tasty food.

And now back to figuring out good ways to visualize hundreds of probability distributions simultaneously.