January 18th, 2014

Dr. Tectonic

Getting stuff

Today I got a workout, and got a haircut, and fed kitties for friends who are out of town, and then I managed to crash my blood sugar and get a stonking great headache that kind of trashed the rest of my day. Feeling somewhat better now, but totally wiped-out.

Earlier this week I finally spent my Xmas gift cards, so now I am getting Crimbo prezzies in the mail!

So far I have a taichi book, some Pratchett, Bank's last Culture novel, two Simon Pegg movies on DVD, and three CDs of new music. The Sabaton album came with a signed picture (unexpected and awesome -- guess that's what you get when you order direct from the label). I am really enjoying the Lindsey Stirling and Twenty One Pilots. The latter is a surprise find. You may have heard House of Gold on the radio. That song is sort of atypical; it has a ukelele, but mostly they're a keyboard-drum duo with a fair portion of rapped lyrics. I don't know what the hell genre you'd classify them as, but I like almost every song on the album, which is uncommon.

Not a lot to report from work. I started writing a paper on my new technique and realized I'd been testing it on bias-correcting A to match B, but really what we do in practice is correct C to match B based on A. So I've been redoing my analysis script. I discovered that one popular technique has certain cases where it performs very poorly, but I probably don't want to get into the details of that too much in this paper, since the whole point is that this new technique is better, and if I focus too much on that other technique it may distract the reader from my point, which is DO THIS INSTEAD.

Did you know that Hulu Plus has Science Ninja Team Gatchaman? Now you do!