January 26th, 2014

Mag Tower


I helped some friends move yesterday.

First, we helped Jason fill a truck with his and Gideon's stuff. (Gideon was out of town.) I'm proud of myself for thinking, when we couldn't get the hoses loose from the washer and couldn't find a wrench, to ask the neighbor who was taking his cat for a stroll outside if he might have a wrench we could borrow. Which he did!

The thing I noticed about the whole experience was that a bunch of us helpers were saying things like "I think we want the dolly for this" "I agree." and "Should we put this off to the side until we can get that other thing in there?" "That's exactly what I was thinking." As I remarked to Gene, when you're helping somebody move and everyone is in their thirties and forties rather than in their twenties, it's a lot harder physically, but the overall competence level is much higher.

We unloaded the truck at the new place (Me: "I'm gonna say this place was built in nineteen-sixty... two." Jason: "That's exactly correct!"), had a couple new people show up, and then headed off to Stu's place to get all his furniture.

I think it's fair to say that Google Maps has changed my life, at least when it comes to getting places. See, I knew where J&G's old place was, so on Friday I got the street address of the new place and looked up how to get there. Pretty straightforward (28 blocks straight south on Sheridan, then a couple blocks over), but for me, looking at a path on a map is just a bajillion times easier to take in an remember than trying to follow directions or look for landmarks. So having even looked at some of the turns on street view, when I was actually driving there for the first time, it was like I'd been there before.

I had no idea where Stu's place was. Didn't even realize we'd be going there. BUUUUT, he showed me how to get there on his phone. So when everyone pulled out, and I got separated from the big U-Haul truck at the first light, all I had to do was remember that once I got down there I was turning off of Kipling onto Union, and looking for Mexico Ave, and I was actually able to find the place all on my own. SO EXCELLENT.

I helped load his furniture until about 2, then had to take off to come home and prep for Star Wars. Today I was a little sore (especially my hands, which is weird) but I appear to have avoided actually injuring or straining myself in any way, and I got a good four hours of workout out of it all.

Today was lots of downtime. Dinner at Yak & Yeti, which turned out to be just what I wanted. (I even remembered not to try the gulub jamun, because it's always too sweet.) So yeah, a pretty good weekend.