February 27th, 2014

Super Metal

An Excellent Weekend

So my cold turned into a blarg and I ended up taking yesterday almost entirely off. (Worked from home for about an hour, otherwise just convalesced.) My ribs still hurt from coughing and I'm consuming cough drops at an unpleasant clip, but overall I feel much, much better than yesterday. I'm at least well enough to finally blog about last weekend, which was excellent!

Saturday morning was the annual breaking seminar at Jerry's martial arts school. Last year I felt a bit awkward participating, but eventually I realized that nobody was paying attention to me, they were all concentrating on their own thing. That makes it much easier. And this year I knew the basics of what was going on, so it was just a matter of learning new moves.

I did six breaks! Four were new: Running Jump Side Kick, Step Behind Side Kick, Back Side Kick, and Knife Hand Strike. There are a lot of kicks because I was focusing on stuff that would be challenging, and for me, that's kicking. I also did two breaks from last year, breaking two boards this time instead of one! I did a two-board Hammer Fist break and a two-board Palm Strike. The Hammer Fist (which I did second in the session) was the most painful; I did it with my left hand last year, and it turns out that on my right hand, the wrist bone protrudes a leettle bit further than the side of my fist. So I got a bit of a bone bruise, plus a scratch on the back of my hand. (Second-most painful: test palm strike on a rebreakable board, when one half jumped up and smacked me on the bruised spot...)

Monkey did an awesome four-brick break, and has made an excellent post with video about it.

Anyway, after that was all done, we headed off to Adam and Channan's to celebrate Adam's 40th birthday. We spent an hour or two socializing with a whole bunch of bearfolk at their place, and then everyone headed off to the Eagle, for drinks and more socializing. (Or, in my case, just more socializing.) I'm not real big on bars in general, but if there are people I know there, I quite enjoy the Eagle. There are comfortable places to sit, you can have a decent conversation, and there's usually decent music playing. And there was pineapple upside-down cake! So all in all it was quite excellent.

Sunday was just downtime, and then dinner was part two of Adam's birthday celebrations at Texas De Brazil, which is a churrascaria (I always want to say chiaroscuro) place -- you know, the all-you-can-eat meat-on-a-sword thing. (It was restaurant week, so it was only very expensive instead of heinously so.) It was... pretty amazing. Many, many different cuts of meat, all of them excellent. The salad bar is extensive. And I had an extra bowl of lobster bisque in lieu of dessert, because it was just that good. The service was a little iffy (my guess is it's a Restaurant Week effect), but overall, I think the best way to sum it up is that it made my mouth very, very happy.

And then Monday Douglas and Bob and Jeff had us over for dinner. Which was lovely, but I was starting to feel a little under the weather, so I bowed out after not too long. I thought it was the tail end of the cold Jerry and I both had in Astoria, but now I'm thinking that it's a new cold, since he's lagging a day behind me, and that I may have shared it. Sorry, anyone I exposed!

Anyway, it was a very nice weekend, is what I'm saying.