June 3rd, 2014

Dr. Tectonic

Deviled Eggs

Wumpf and Melissa were in town this weekend for a wedding, so Sunday afternoon we went over to the Nevilles' and hung out all evening long. Yay!

I made deviled eggs, because I had run across some interesting recipes that I wanted to try, but didn't want to commit to eating them all myself. So this was an excellent opportunity!

People liked them, hooray! So I'm sharing the recipes.

The recipes come from the Serious Eats blog, and the first thing to note is their piece on how to get hard-boiled eggs to peel well. (TL;DR: go straight from fridge into boiling water for 11 minutes, then shock in ice water for 15 minutes.)

The recipes are here: 9 In-Your-Face Deviled Egg Variations. That title is a bit over the top, if you ask me, as is the amount of preparation involved in several of those recipes. But the two I tried were pretty easy, and like I said, they were popular.

General commentary: I didn't bother with the ziploc bag; I just filled them with a spoon. And the recipe says to only use 8 of your 12 egg white halves, but I filled all 12 and still had plenty of filling left over, so I think you can go for more eggs to go around and just not massively overstuff them. (I made a sandwich out of the leftover filling the next day, which reminds me that you could also view these as recipes for fancy egg salad.) Also, I'm pleased that I remembered that if you are taking deviled eggs somewhere, it's SOOO much easier to do the final assembly on-site. (And that's where the ziploc bag would probably really come in handy.)

I made the Buffalo Blue and the Lemon Caper recipes.

Buffalo Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs - These were really easy. They were not very spicy; just enough to give the taste without significant burn, which was perfect. I didn't have Frank's Red Hot, so I substituted Cholula; dunno if that affected the heat level. I didn't bother with garnish other than some celery leaf to distinguish them from the other recipe. Also, I got to run to the store to buy a single stalk of celery. :-/

Deviled Eggs With Fried Capers, Lemon, and Parsley - These guys were a little bit more work, but still nothing serious. The recipe says to fry the capers in 2 cups of oil, which is a ridiculous amount. It foamed up over the top of my little pot and left a huge oil slick to clean up. You only need maybe an inch of oil. You don't need to stir them, either; they're only in the oil for 30 seconds. (AND I melted my small strainer, which I was using as a spatter screen, but that's my own fault for resting it on the pot instead of holding it. Harrumph.) The amounts of lemon juice and zest in the recipe add up to the juice and zest of one small lemon, basically. (Maybe even a little less on the juice.) Again, I didn't bother garnishing other than one fried caper on each egg to distinguish them from the other recipe.

I was happy with both recipes. Give 'em a try next time you need hors d'oeuvres!