August 23rd, 2014


Kevbot at the Stanley

Last weekend kev_bot mentioned on Facebook that he'd be in Denver for a work thing and was wondering how he might get up to Estes Park on Tuesday to see the Stanley Hotel, and I was like, HELLO I LIVE IN DENVER I WILL ABDUCT YOU.

The Stanley, you see, was Stephen King's inspiration for the Overlook Hotel in The Shining, and King is one of Kev's jams, so of course on his first trip to Colorado, he was enthused about getting up there to see it. (And if you know Kev, you know that enthusiasm is also one of his jams. (Kev has a lot of jams.))

Me, I've been to the Stanley (for a departmental retreat two years ago), but I hadn't seen Kev in person since the last time I went to Boston, and that was a very brief get-together a long time ago, so I was enthused about getting to hang out with a good friend.

So Tuesday I left work early (because traffic), stopped by the house, and then zipped down to the Sheraton to pick him up around 6-ish. The drive from downtown Denver up to Estes Park is about an hour and a half, which was fine, because it means there and back we got three hours to just talk. Yay! :D

We had a quick look at the outside of the hotel (and took a couple pictures) while there was still sunlight, then grabbed some dinner before the Ghost Tour, which started at 8:30. The ghost stories were not particularly my thing, but there was quite a bit of history mixed in, which I enjoyed. Because it was evening, the tour didn't go above the first floor of the hotel, but afterwards we (quietly!) wandered the halls a little and rode on the (in)famous elevator.

We got back to his hotel about midnight, and then hung out for a bit. It was all around an excellent evening, we had a lovely and delightful time, and it was much of happy.

(It wreaked a bit of havoc on my sleep schedule, but that wasn't so bad, because the next day we had to jump-start the minivan (which had stranded Jerry at the studio, whence he had to be rescued by Bob & Jeff) and drive it to the garage, so I ended up working from home Wednesday and Thursday anyway. The problem is a bit mysterious, but the mechanic's current theory is that it was the blinker thingy, which cost about 350 bucks less to fix than the original estimate (when he thought he'd have to replace the body control module), so until it starts misbehaving again, I'm content.)

Hooray for visiting friends!