October 10th, 2014

Super Metal

Ox Bellows, Demon-Slayer

I came home from a somewhat frantic day at work and made tacos for dinner, then went to Chris's for Games Night. Just five of us (me, Chris, Noah, Nathan, and Darren), so we played a round of Dominion (Basic + Hinterlands) which I won thanks to remodeled farmlands, and then a game of BAHOTH, which I was just telling kybearfuzz about earlier this morning.

I played the mighty Ox Bellows (hobbies: football, shiny things). Ox explored upstairs and didn't find much interesting until he ran into a "frothing, raving Madman" (an Omen card that boosted his high Might stat even further, at the cost of his already low Sanity). Ox promptly named his new friend "Frothy".

Ox and Frothy continued to poke around upstairs until Little Timmy found a ring and started the haunt, which was a demonic invasion. Uh-oh!

Things did not go real well for our heroes after that. Prof. Longfellow turned traitor when the haunt started (fittingly, he just happened to be in the Pentagram Room at the time), and the demons killed Madame Zostra in pretty short order. Then everyone converged on the Foyer and got stuck there because Jenny opened the music box, which forces you to make a Sanity check or become mesmerized. And everybody (good guys and bad) kept rolling poorly on those checks. Especially Ox.

Ox did manage to get down to the basement to punch the Professor to death before he could open the vault. And before the demons killed him, Little Timmy got the vault open and found within an Ax, which he gave to Ox. Seven dice in combat? Yes please!

The best bit was the final showdown with the Demon Lord. To defeat him, you have to beat him twice in combat while you have the ring. We were down to Ox and Jenny, and all the demons were going to be able to act next round. So that was bad. Ox had the ax, which gave him even odds of successfully hitting the Demon Lord. If you have the ring, you can attack with Sanity instead, and Jenny's was all pumped up, giving her good odds too. But Jenny was going first. And Ox had the ring.

So Jenny used the pickpocket gloves (the other item in the vault) to steal the ring from Ox, used it to bop the Demon Lord with a mental attack, and then give the ring back to Ox so that on his turn he could Hit It With His Ax. Which he did. Victory!

And then Ox and Frothy opened the music box back up and boogied down to its thumping techno beats. (Frothy, you see, is also a raving madman.)

The End!