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Had another demo of the game today with our collaborators from CU. It went well -- we got a couple really good ideas about it -- but we got a couple suggestions that were just completely at odds with how we're doing things, which is always a little frustrating. (One of our people is chronically overcontextualized, and just does not get it when we try to explain why we absolutely have to keep certain things abstract.) But it was good.

Afterwards, we brainstormed ideas for the later turns of the game, and I think we have a good start. I'm pretty excited about it!

I just spent the last of my workday making simulated hurricanes knock down all the buildings in the game instead of writing up some notes justifying why software tools are important for a big presentation to high muckity-mucks that's being given on Friday the way I should have.

And now for something completely different:

The author of one of the webcomics I read just quit his job to be a cartoonist full-time, and asked people to tell their friends about his comic. Since I like my free entertainment, I figure that's a fair trade. If you might be interested in a humorous military science-fiction comic, you should consider checking out Schlock Mercenary.

Also cool is Something Positive, which is bitter and rude, but funny. The author said that he would quit his vile day job and just write his comic if his readers would donate his yearly salary, which they promptly did. That kind of thing makes me happy. (One of my birthday presents was a donation, which makes me feel all virtuous and stuff.)

Cripes, this was supposed to be a short post. I say too much.

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