January 4th, 2015

Dr. Tectonic

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I made tomato cobbler for dinner tonight. A while back my mom recommended a recipe to me that I stuck in my TRYME folder, and roma tomatoes were super-cheap at Sprouts yesterday, so I thought what the heck. It turned out pretty tasty. (Monkey: "Wow, this is really good!" Me: "You're not supposed to sound so surprised.") It probably won't go into regular rotation, but I'll keep the recipe around for next time I can get a surplus of tomatoes for cheap. (Also, it'd probably be just fine with bisquick biscuits instead of scractch. Plus cheese in them would be good.)

Last night was a housewarming / birthday party at Matt and Jason's new place. We got there around 6 and stayed past midnight, so I guess you can say we had a good time. And I discovered that there's a champagne (well, sparking wine) that I actually like: Asti! Probably because it's very sweet.

So. holidays: We went out to Oregon to visit Jerry's family for Christmas. We flew out on Christmas day and it all went quite smoothly. (The lady who rented us a car was wearing a hijab, which made me happy because it meant it wasn't a holiday for her!) It was a very low-key visit; we didn't do much. Took a wander through downtown on Friday morning, the one time when there was sun; saw some nifty art (particularly the glass work) in a gallery. Relaxed, socialized, spent a while figuring out how to re-pack the suitcase to fit all the gifts in. That's about it, really. We flew back Sunday evening.

I worked Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, although Tuesday it was so cold that I didn't even want to go outside and just worked from home. We spent New Year's Eve at my brother Joel's place down in Parker; my brothers Boyd and Loren and their families were in town, so it was a full house. There was a large passel of nephews who were VERY excited that I came and brought games with me. Dominion, Carcassonne, Set, and We Didn't Playtest This At All all got played. And then at 11, we decided to be old and head home before there was traffic rather than hanging around until midnight. We got home with just enough time to change out of clothes and into bathrobe and comfy pajama pants before the year turned. Yes!

The next morning, I joined Verdun and a bunch of other bears for dim sum at Empress. (Monkey, sadly, had eaten something that disagreed with him the night before, so he stayed home.) It was good, as usual, and our table of 10 got away for less than $15 a head, so that was nice.

And otherwise, I've been doing a lot of nothing productive. (Every time I've tried to be productive, my brain has been uncooperative, so I guess I needed some downtime.)