March 20th, 2015

Voytek the soldier bear

X-ray Sinus Tango Foxtrot Zulu something something

I made my deadline, hooray! I got the data all fixed up and handed it off on Wednesday. Then came home early because I was feeling lousy.

Lately I have been having intermittent something-or-other going on in my sinuses. Ringing in the ears and mild headache, most often, but sometimes earache and/or feelings of eye pressure, too. (I know it's a sinus thing because often when it lets up, it's accompanied by a feeling of things loosening in my sinuses.) I gave it a while to see if it would clear up on its own, but Wednesday decided that it had been long enough, and made a doctor's appointment for yesterday morning.

Well, it's probably not a sinus infection. Not sure what it IS, exactly, (my guess is a seasonal-ish allergy-ish reaction), but the treatment regardless is sinus rinses, flonase, and more ibuprofen, and they're already helping. So *that's* good.

The cool thing is that I got my face x-rayed to check whether it was an infection, so I got to look at x-rays of my head and see how asymmetric my frontal sinuses are. Also, my septum deviates a little bit. It seemed kinda weird to me, but if you think about all your internal organs and stuff, really, our insides are a lot more irregular than our outsides. (There's probably something profound there.)

Also amusing: my earring (left helix piercing) is a captive bead ring, so I can't take it out, and ears don't really show up on x-ray, but metal does, so there's just this little circle-with-dot floating out in space alongside my head in the images...