April 20th, 2015

tetsujin de kuma

Three-Part Weekend Update

Friday: Brain Pills, Hairballs
I stayed home on Friday, intending to telecommute, but Wednesday & Thursday's grey weather sapped all my mojo, so I actually just took the day off. It was probably just as well; Jerry was heading into 24 hours without one of his brain pills because the mail-order pharmacy was slow, and SSRI withdrawl is nasty. Fortunately, they showed up in the mail that morning, so before long we has getting back to normal.

It's shedding season, and we've had lots of kitty urps to clean up lately, so we went to PetCo & picked up one of those brushes with lots of little tiny wire bristles and a... purple rubber groomy thing with big cones that I'd read about. I think it's called a Kong Zoom Groomer. The bristle brush is good for cleaning out undercoat, but the purple rubber cones are, somewhat surprisingly, really excellent at pulling out the loose guard hairs, which I think have been the main culprit in all the hairballs they're puking up. Certainly, the size and frequency of hairballs are decreasing, so I think it's helping. We love the kitties even when they're urpy, but less urpage is a good thing.

Also we had Star Wars Friday evening. We're heading into a new stage of the game that's all about procedural content generation, and so far it seems to work pretty well.

Saturday: Uncle
We had plans to go to Uncle Ramen to celebrate our anniversary, but that week we were both feeling lousy, so we put it off. We went this Saturday, with Dave V, and I have to say that its reputation is well-deserved. There was a long wait and it wasn't cheap, but it was totally worth it. I really enjoyed the chilled tofu appetizer, and my bowl of chashu ramen was spectacular. I did get the miso-bacon jam "umami bomb", but I think I'd actually skip it in the future; it was a little bit gilding the lily.

Oh, and I also got a haircut and trimmed the beard back to a goatee. I was feeling unkempt and seeing too much of my father in the mirror.

Sunday: Relatives
My little sister and her fiance were in town on Sunday, so we went over to Grandma's for dinner. I made a huge bowl of apple-bacon coleslaw, and my aunt & uncle made the rest of the dinner. Also there were my brother Joel & his family. We had a nice dinner and some good visiting time, and before long my sister and my nephews were asking if I had brought any games. (Which of course I had: two bags full out in the car. I have a reputation to uphold.) There were several rounds of We Didn't Playtest This, which the nephews love, and then I played Dominion (an all-Seaside set) with my sister, the fiance, and the two elder nephews while my awesome hubby taught the youngest nephew how to make origami. The fiance seems like a good guy and they're happy together, plus he beat me by only one point, so he gets the stamp of approval.